Greatest method to win over the magnified intruders in Bloons TD 6

Similar to a few topics like Ninja Kiwi’s Bloons there are few Tower defense categories entirely for the fans. The dart-throwing monkeys will upsurge once again to fend for conquering bloons upon the launch of Bloons TD 6 on the Android device.

Bloons TD 6 was popular due to its formula and it even stays in that even now, but in spite, many new elements make the experienced persons stand on their toes. Whatever may be your standard whether you are well known about the bloons or just the newbie for the series, this set of tips will be just what the monkey doctor ordered.

Promoting the towers in Bloons TD 6

Not like the previous entries in the story, here in Bloons TD, we cannot promote the towers to the highest levels just by gathering cash. One has to crack those levels by utilizing the towers and achieve the experience.

Now there are three build paths with five stages for each tower which is considered to be the most important. This directly adds new towers and activities to the game but also one has to toil their gained experience here to crack them all.

Finally, it costs 50,000 exp for each fifth tier cracking. Therefore you will notice millions of experience to crack everything at the end and enhance them all. So always there is an easy and fast way to achieve the experience happily.

Bloons TD 6: How to achieve the capability rapidly

All we need to do is achieve the experience from similar towers and utilize them as said in the above statements. The more you downcast the faster you will achieve the experience.

Always stay on the easy mode and learner maps because splashing down heaps of the same tower will make them equal quickly but it is not considered to be the great technique if you wish to have them in the later stages. So sometimes depending upon the strengths few towers may also be able to bring them down to medium.

One can hold the achieved experiences even if you lose the map so values to mention here. No need to worry if you find that your health is declining, but with an attired stack of monkey money one can win.

Heroes to the Save in Bloons TD 6

Here we have the hero towers which are overviewed as another big change. We can pick the heroes as per our choice so including Captain Churchill we have 5 heroes, Even they have to be cracked with monkey money initially.

The first and the best heroes in Bloons TD 6 are Quincy and Gwendolin

One has to just spend the initial amount to level them up to later stages, thereafter they will level automatically and we need not spend anything more again. The only thing which we notice is the compromise of a higher cost than the standard one.

So initially one has to spend their monkey money on cracking these heroes. The first two which are available agree commonly to be the best we can receive luckily. 

In most of the critical stages in Bloons TD 6 two great heroes namely, Quincy and Gwendolin remain useful till the end. To get the full assessments from these heroes' automatic leveling, we need to keep them as early as possible.

Camo team leads the bloons

Two types of groups especially spoil your day in general which are always a standard hazard If you are not appropriately ready then camo and their lead bloons will hover away your defenses.

If we find ourselves while the camo bloons are arriving then it is easy to handle them. Because with few inexpensive upgrades they can be accessed even by the dart monkeys. We can even elevate snipers, wizards, and boomerang to attack them as well. Also without any advancement, even Ninja can attack camo bloons.

IF we are not ready then Camo and lead bloons will rapidly decay your day

To access them through their ridged shells, one needs to have a big gun for lead bloons. We can even overhaul of them with some other advanced towers. Once the lead coating is unlocked, the tower can themselves bring them down and we need not require any additional firepower. 

With the help of radar scanner advancement, any tower can attack camo bloons with a monkey village. We need to thank for the alchemist’s acidic mixture dip advancement for allowing to cut through like butter by any old monkey.

Ninjas and alchemists will take you to a long way in Bloons TD 6

We will cover just one tower combination in these tips and tricks for Bloons TD 6 although we have several tower combinations that work. We can easily take down any stage or even medium stage and gives us a good start going forward with this one tower combinations.

Anything can be taken down with advanced Ninjas and alchemists

One can attack camo bloons and shoot them rapidly which are nothing but Ninjas considered as a ridged early unit. Here alchemists enter in because the faintness lies in lead bloons. So like already explained in the above statement it has the capacity that anything can access lead bloons with their acidic mixture dip upgrade.

So all the 40 waves of any easy map and all 60 waves of few stages can be handled with quite a medium difficulty if a well-planned 4-0-1 Ninja joins with a 4-0-2 alchemist. One can go beyond the level if we utilize advanced grandmaster Ninja.

To get additional firepower we can drop some super monkeys once we go to difficult stages. So you will be able to handle them by that time.

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge points are replaced on behalf of Monkey Labs for leveling up in Bloons TD 6. When we have cracked all the towers present in level 30, additionally successive level will rarely give knowledge points.

Among the six knowledge trees, we can devote these knowledge points. All of them are not equally developed but each one will have different welfares to particular towers. We are providing some easy tips for knowledge in bloons TD6.

Even though Knowledge points have a massive influence, they are not permitted in CHIMPS mode

The first key of knowledge point can be found at the bottom of Primary knowledge tree which is named as More Cash. At the starting of each level, it will provide you with an extra 200 cash, Which opens more number of options as soon.

Even the second valuable knowledge point also available on the bottom of the Magic Knowledge Tree and named Mana Shield. This gives 25 point health shield which redevelops somewhat between waves. No better insurance policy is found in the Bloons TD 6.

Now we can find the last knowledge point which should be given importance at the end of Heroes Knowledge Tree. Your heroes will turn to even more suitable when empowered heroes begin your heroes at level 3 and join with the 10% discount just overhead of it.

Whenever you choose this knowledge points one can find a noteworthy power spike, And during the difficult mode, we need to utilize them. No knowledge points are permitted when you are in CHIMPS mode.

More Bloons TD 6 tips and tricks

We expect that the above list of tips and tricks would help beginners and even experienced persons. So if anyone finds any more tips or tricks they can surely share with us through the comment box.

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